Easy Jobs with High Salary in India For Students

Content Writer

Flexible, remote job for those with strong writing skills and good command of English. Average salary ranges from ₹5.4 LPA for beginners to ₹14 LPA for experts.

Graphic Designer

Creative work designing visuals for websites, books, and advertisements. Salary ranges from ₹4-13 LPA.

Data Entry

Straightforward jobs requiring basic computer skills, ideal for part-time, remote work. Average salary is around ₹2 LPA.


Hobby and source of income through ads and sponsored content. Salary varies widely, typically ranging from ₹3.2 LPA to ₹4.2 LPA.


Rewarding for those who can build a significant following. Earnings come from ads, sponsorships, and merchandise. Average earnings range from ₹3.1 LPA to ₹4.1 LPA.


Involves taking and editing photos for various clients. Salary ranges from ₹3-12 LPA.

Interior Designer

Designing and organizing indoor spaces. Salary ranges from ₹4-12 LPA.